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Community Adult Learning Programs that offer online learning opportunities may request an account to post events to this website.

Learning opportunities must be offered online, and must fall within eligible programming areas as defined in the CALP Guidelines from Alberta Advanced Education.

CALP Contact Information

This is the email address that will be used if someone uses the contact form on this site to connect to your CALP.

Publishing on behalf of your Organization

Online learning opportunities submitted to Adult Learning Alberta will posted publicly to the website, and visible to the public at large, with no login required.

Community Standards

Community Standards are shared guidelines to provide a framework of expectations for Community Adult Learning Programs contributing to the Adult Learning Alberta website.

Our standards are posted for your review at

Collection and Sharing of Evaluation Data

Each CALP that chooses to use the Adult Learning Alberta website to promote their online learning opportunities will collect and share the following evaluation data with CLN:

  • # of learners referred to your programs through the site
    • # of learners connected by another CALP
    • # of learners who found the website independently

To help evaluate the impact of increased access for learners, each CALP also agrees to include the following question in their evaluation of online learning opportunities posted to Adult Learning Alberta:

I was able to attend this online learning opportunity because:

  • I did not have to arrange for childcare
  • I did not have to miss work to attend
  • I did not have to arrange for transportation
  • I felt more comfortable to participate in my own learning space
  • There was no "in-person" option for this learning available in my area
  • Other:

CLN will survey participating CALPs at the end of May 2022, to collect your aggregate (anonymous) data, to inform reporting on this project. The data will be shared back to participating CALPs, to use in your own narrative reporting.